Author: Phil Green (ed.)
Published by: Biblefresh/Evangelical Alliance UK (2010)

"Why aren’t we laying subversive charges of Bible Semtex everywhere that blow people’s minds - blasts like Creation, Fall, God’s Master Plan, Adam and Christ, The Cross, Trinity and Relationships, Christ’s Glorious Achievements, and much more? Our goal isn’t to teach bland moralism but to re-shape millions of minds with God’s ‘do-my-head-in’ story of Creation, De-creation, and Re-creation in Christ. Only then can relationships, moral decision-making, and our brief lives be done fully to the glory of God.."

Published as part of the Biblefresh initiative, this free downloadable e-book is a compilation of articles by preachers in the UK. They seek to answer the question: "What does preaching need to look like in our multicultural, digital, image-soaked, biblically illiterate, global age? Does preaching need a refresh to be refreshing?"

Authors include: Greg Haslam, Krish Kandiah, Vaughan Roberts, Chris Green, Peter Mead and Derek Tibdall.