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Are you between 18-30 and living in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Bangladesh? If so, you can help create the first ever picture of attitudes and behaviour of NextGen towards the Bible across South Asia!

The survey:

  • takes about 15 minutes to complete (you cannot partially complete the survey and come back later).
  • is anonymous but we do see your IP address (which tells us only which country you are from).
  • is a significant contribution to understanding what it is about Scripture that is important to you.

Click here to take the survey.

The idea is construct a picture of the contemporary attitudes and behaviours of NextGen towards the Bible in South Asia. The results will be shared with Bible agencies and the churches associated with the project to aid their future strategic thinking. The research team are all professionals who are staff of Forum member agencies.  [more...]

 admin  |    Thu 16 May 2013, 18:51

The latest edition of the Orality Journal is available for download on the International Orality Network website.


Literacy, Orality, and the Web - Gilles Gravelle
What oral communication can accomplish in Bible translation projects that print communication alone cannot.

Church Planting Movements among Oral Learners - Pam Arlund
Case studies of using orality strategies in church planting movements.

Using Rituals to Disciple Oral Learners: Part 1 - W. Jay Moon
What can we learn from the powerful effects of rituals from cultures and how can rituals be used for meaningful discipleship.

Contextualizing the Gospel in a Visual World - Clyde Taber
In a media saturated world, how do we contextualize Kingdom stories for the new generation?

Inside-out Stories - Marlene LeFever
When a ministry retools, what are the outcomes?

Mind the Gap: If This Is Your Land, then Where Are Your Stories? - A. Steve Evans
What and where are our stories that help us claim the land?

Ten Mistakes of a New Bible Storyteller - J.O. Terry
Wisdom from a storytelling practitioner.

Story Proof: The Science behind the Startling Power of Story - Tara Rye
Book review  [more...]

 admin  |    Mon 18 Feb 2013, 15:59

"Translating the Bible into Action" by Harriet Hill and Margaret Hill is now available as an e-book for the Kindle from

In this book, the authors show how Bible translations and Bible formats, for example, or family and church customs, levels of literacy or the way majority and minority languages interact in multi-lingual cultures, all affect the way we understand what we read, and in particular, what we read in the Bible.

Next, this book suggests actions to help readers overcome the obstacles they face in reading the Bible with meaningful understanding. The book is structured so that individual chapters can be studied separately in workshops. Questions, discussion topics and group activities for learners are included, as well as stories that illustrate the main ideas.  [more...]

 admin  |    Tue 31 Jul 2012, 21:08

The Audacity digital recording software continues to be a popular choice for recording audio Scripture engagement products: Scripture recordings, songs, radio programmes, etc.

A new version, 2.0.1, was released on 29 June 2012 and is available for download on the Audacity website.

For those learning to do audio recording, the Audacity manual "How to do Recording on your Computer" has been updated for Audacity 2.0. Please feel free to download and print this third edition. You are welcome to use it for personal use and for training workshops.  [more...]

 admin  |    Sat 14 Jul 2012, 16:09

Kande's Story is being used around the world to show how communities can love and care for people affected by AIDS.

You can find the latest versions (2012) of the Kande's Story materials here on the Scripture Engagement website.

The Learner's Book and the Facilitator's Manual materials have been updated in both English and French.

Link: Kande's Story: more information and downloads  [more...]

 admin  |    Mon 13 Feb 2012, 15:49

Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH) and United Bible Societies (UBS), both members of the Forum of Bible Agencies International, have announced a new expansion of their partnership.

According to the press release:

"The two Christian organizations, each committed to providing God's Word to all the peoples of the world, have agreed to a collaboration that will lay the groundwork for unprecedented access to digital Bible text and audio. This is accomplished by an agreement that brings together UBS's Digital Bible Library and FCBH's Digital Bible Project in a way that will leverage technology for greater access, while also improving efficiency and reducing duplication of work and services.

"Since UBS and its members have worked closely with FCBH for many years, this new agreement can realistically be viewed as a 21st century extension of decades of mutually committed efforts in the field of Bible engagement and Scripture literacy. It is a logical next step to providing the Word of God to all peoples of the world."  [more...]

 admin  |    Tue 3 Jan 2012, 18:24

The latest IJFM 28:3 (International Journal of Frontier Missions), is devoted to Bible translation, especially the choice of meaningful key terms.

Articles include:

  • A New Look at Translating Familial Biblical Terms - Rick Brown, Leith Gray and Andrea Gray
  • A Brief Analysis of Filial and Paternal Terms in the Bible - Rick Brown, Leith Gray, and Andrea Gray
  • When “Literal” is Inaccurate: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Translating Scripture Meaningfully - Donna Toulmin
  • Ideological Challenges for Bible Translators - Roy E. Ciampa
  • Basic Principles and Procedures for Bible Translation - Forum of Bible Agencies International

You can download each of the journal articles for free, as well as previous issues.  [more...]

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"There are lots of ways to read the Bible in a year, and I won’t try to capture all of them. But here are numerous options, in no particular order. You may want to look through it and see what you think would work best for you."

It's a good time of the year to think about how you're going to read the Bible in 2012. Justin Taylor gives us a long list of different Bible reading plans on his blog.

These include book/chapter plans to print out as bookmarks, links to web pages and ways of getting the reading for the day on your phone.  [more...]

 admin  |    Thu 22 Dec 2011, 14:09

The solar-powered Proclaimer was launched several years ago by Faith Comes By Hearing for audio Bible listening groups around the world. Since then, we have seen a number of developments in the technology in response to field experience, resulting in new models of the Proclaimer - both large and small.

Here's what the new M2 version of the Proclaimer will look like for groups receiving them in 2012:

The most obvious difference compared to previous models is the new circular layout of the navigation buttons and the lack of an LCD screen. New Testaments are embedded within the player. The M2 dimensions and weight are essentially the same as the previous version.

Most of the other solar-powered audio players have done without an LCD screen (Saber, MegaVoice Ambassador, Renew Papyrus, Audibible, mini-Proclaimer). The key is to have the name of the book and the chapter announced at the start of each track, so users can find the right place by listening.  [more...]

 admin  |    Thu 22 Dec 2011, 13:15

The Audacity digital recording software is a popular choice for recording audio Scripture engagement products: Scripture recordings, songs, radio programmes, etc.

A new version, 1.3.14, was released on 11 December 2011 and is available for download here.

For those learning to do audio recording, we have an Audacity manual on the Scripture Engagement site: How to do Recording on your Computer. Please feel free to download and print a copy.  [more...]