Dallas International University, Texas, USA
Sponsor: Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

The MA with Major in Language and Culture Studies, concentration Scripture Engagement, includes two courses that focus on Scripture engagement, plus other supporting courses. Many students take these courses as individual courses.

SCRIPTURE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY AND METHODS covers eight aspects of any situation, eight "conditions" that affect Scripture access and engagement everywhere in the world. We go through how each one affects SE and what can be done when that condition is a problem. There is lots of assigned reading and each student consults with someone working in a current Bible translation project.

CURRENT ISSUES IN SCRIPTURE ENGAGEMENT goes deeper on some of these issues and takes up others as well. It varies slightly each time so as to be maximally beneficial to the students that year and to cover the current live issues.

Like other Dallas International University (DIU) courses, you need to have a college degree or non-US equivalent, or for up to two courses be a junior level or higher undergraduate. See the DIU website for more details.

Graduates of this degree program will be qualified to serve in specialist cross-cultural roles. In particular, SIL International will recognize graduates with this concentration as having completed the minimum academic training requirements to serve with that organization in the specialist role of Scripture Use specialist.