JAARS, Waxhaw, NC, USA
Sponsor: International Media Services

Courses offered include:

1. Vernacular Media Specialist Training
This training gives instruction and hands-on experience in all aspects of vernacular media work in Wycliffe. Concepts covered range from strategizing for use of appropriate media, communication principles, evaluating media, designing programs, choosing an appropriate recording platform, and instruction in various recording platforms.

2. Program and Curriculum Design
Instruction is given in the task of putting together audio programs. Attention is given to the language program goals, to principles of curriculum development.

3. Audio for Audio
This training addresses the issues of Program Planning as well as Program Designing, and provides an opportunity to record, edit, and duplicate an audio program onto cassette or CD. Attention is also given to the practical issues of soundproofing and signal flow.

4. Audio for Video
This training gives instruction in the VMS methodology of dubbing shell videos. Concepts covered: using shell videos, timing issues, scripting, working with speakers, maximizing recordings, trouble shooting shell errors.