A training manual for planning, producing, and presenting radio programs
Author: Al Shannon
Published by: SPARK, www.vernacularmedia.org

The listener controls the radio. He can turn it on or off. That is why you not only need to acquire an audience, but also know how to maintain one. Radio is one-time communication. The message needs to be clear, simple and precise for a one-time hearing. Don’t be afraid to repeat the information in different ways.

There are increasing opportunities for Scripture to be broadcast on local radio stations. But how can we produce interesting programs that people will want to listen to and hence engage with God's Word?

This manual was developed to explain how to plan, present and produce radio programs.

The material presented here is basic and fundamental. It is designed to train indigenous speakers. It will teach them how to reach their people through the medium of radio. An experienced media trainer should present the material to them. Anything new can then be fully explained to the student.

The technical part will help orient the individual to audio equipment. He will learn about the equipment he will find at the local radio station. With this basic knowledge an individual can start planning and producing programs. In the process, more experience and knowledge in the field will be gained.