Thoughts on the relationship between the financing of translation projects and the use of the scriptures in Burkina Faso
Author: Ed Lauber

We need to enlarge our thinking about the contribution of the church to the translation effort. Casting that contribution principally in terms of cash contributions to the translators’ salaries limits options and may even have a negative impact on the use of the translation. Adopting a more complex partnership approach to finances will result in better partnership and may, therefore, positively affect the use of the Scriptures.

Ed Lauber explores the relationship between funding of translation projects and the use of the Scriptures in Burkina Faso. He believes there is often a link, albeit sometimes weak. Where the link is strong, it is often complex and related to other factors.

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 Bakiono Maxime  |    Tue 5 May 2009, 07:47

Thank you for this excellent and balanced article on the issue.

 Mark Datson  |    Tue 5 May 2009, 17:54

Thank you Ed for these thoughts. They express what I feel and have found in practice, working as LPM in Cote d'Ivoire today.