GIAL in Dallas, Texas

Beginning August, 2009, GIAL will offer courses leading to a Graduate Certificate in Multicultural Teamwork. People working with other cultures and different organizations will learn how teams work across cultural boundaries, and how to handle the various cultural factors affecting their work together. Many Scripture Engagement activities involve people from different organizations and ethnic backgrounds working together, so this program can be extremely useful.

The program includes four courses: Christianity Across Cultures, Social and Political Organization, Multicultural Teamwork, and Multicultural Leadership.

The professors, Shelley Ashdown, Robert Douglas, and Wayne Dye, have both overseas missionary experience and doctorates. Fellow students and special guest lecturers contribute to the depth and quality of these courses.

To enroll, you need a degree from an American College and a 3.1 or better (B+) grade point average, or the equivalent from an International higher education institution. You can take any one or two courses as a junior level undergraduate

Learn more at, or email admissionsatgial [dot] edu. You may phone GIAL admissions at 1-800-892-3356.

International calls should be directed to 1-972-708-7343. Students from other countries are welcome.