Authors: Karl Grebe, Wilfred Fon

We soon found that even the most experienced Christian leaders were not always sure how to relate the cultural phenomena to the biblical picture. On the whole, the church had bypassed the task of interpreting the cultural picture from the biblical perspective, leaving Christians to determine for themselves how to relate to the various traditions of their culture.

This 58-page booklet, available for download in both English and French, describes the key elements of an African Traditional Religion (ATR) worldview and interprets them in relation to Scripture:

  1. The Worldview of African Traditional Religion
  2. Christianity and the African Worldview
  3. The Biblical View of Spiritual Realities
  4. Interpreting ATR in View of Scripture

The authors conclude with implications for Christian communication and counseling in such contexts.

 Christian Counseling  |    Sun 22 Aug 2010, 17:07

Thanks for giving some perspective – this is thought provoking.