admin  |    Thu 22 Dec 2011, 15:09

The solar-powered Proclaimer was launched several years ago by Faith Comes By Hearing for audio Bible listening groups around the world. Since then, we have seen a number of developments in the technology in response to field experience, resulting in new models of the Proclaimer - both large and small.

Here's what the new M2 version of the Proclaimer will look like for groups receiving them in 2012:

The most obvious difference compared to previous models is the new circular layout of the navigation buttons and the lack of an LCD screen. New Testaments are embedded within the player. The M2 dimensions and weight are essentially the same as the previous version.

Most of the other solar-powered audio players have done without an LCD screen (Saber, MegaVoice Ambassador, Renew Papyrus, Audibible, mini-Proclaimer). The key is to have the name of the book and the chapter announced at the start of each track, so users can find the right place by listening.