Ways of Engaging with Scripture

The first foot forward in Scripture selection?
Author: Rick Brown
Published by: International Journal of Frontier Missions (18.4 Winter 2001)

Most frontier Bible translators would agree that one of the major goals of their role in the total mission task is that the receptor language community would gain access to adequate Scriptures. Scriptures may be defined as being "adequate" when they include (1) a selection of portions from the Old and New Testaments sufficient to address the basic spiritual needs of that community; (2) in a language that serves them well; and (3) in usable, appropriate media such that motivated members of their community are able to use them for personal growth and church planting.

In this paper, Rick Brown seeks to answer the following questions regarding the adequacy and accessibility of translated Scriptures:  [more...]

Training for small groups with DVD and workbook
Authors: Tony Payne, Simon Roberts
Published by: Matthias Media
Whatever your current Bible reading habits (or lack of them), and whatever your level of knowledge and confidence, Six Steps to Reading Your Bible will help you make progress in getting into your Bible. The course is especially designed for use in small groups, and utilizes a mix of video instruction, fun skits, Bible study, discussion, practical exercises, prayer and home assignments that will help you on the road to establishing a new and more enjoyable Bible reading habit.
The aim of this course is that people will:
  • become familiar with the basic shape and nature of the Bible
  • be motivated to read the Bible for themselves
  • learn how to apply basic reading skills to the Bible
  • learn how to apply a Bible passage to their lives
  • understand how the whole message of the Bible hangs together and centres on Jesus
  • benefit from the encouragement and experience of others, as they work together in learning to read the Bible
  • be well on the way to establishing a new habit of regular Bible reading.
A Primer on Chronological Storying study book with CD
Published by: International Mission Board

Oral communicators still compose 50% of the United States and other Western nations such as Canada, France and the United Kingdom. They are those who communicate primarily through oral narrative instead of reading or writing. Learn how to reach this population effectively with the gospel using this workbook inluding CD.  [more...]