Bible 2020
Everyone, Everywhere

“Imagine a world-wide community speaking the words of the Bible together across towns, cities, and continents. Lives will be changed! Together we will read, speak, and hear the words of the Bible each day.”

Bible 2020 is a year-long campaign encouraging us to speak the words of the Bible aloud across every country and nation. It starts on 1st January 2020. To get involved, join the global community using the app.

Bringing together the history of oral Bible tradition and the global reach of modern technology, Scottish Bible Society has developed the Bible2020 App, 366 days of short inspirational Bible verses that you can film yourself speaking and share it with your community so that together we can cover the globe in God’s Word through the year. The app will collate the videos and post them on a wall, letting you see and hear the nations speak the words of the Bible.

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