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Digital Dialogue

Daring to stay relevant in an era of information overload
Andreas Ernst (2021)
Effective media is not about the right products or numbers, but about the quality of interaction with people. What does this really mean? Andreas Ernst highlights three key principles which can help us assess how engaging our media approaches are.…
April 13, 2021
Film and VideoResponding to Needs

The Global Gospel

Felt Needs Marketing For Finding Spiritually Seeking Individuals
The Global Gospel is an animated video series. Bible stories are chosen to respond to the felt needs of forgiveness, love, acceptance, significance and security. On the website you will find videos, discussion questions, and ideas for ad campaigns. Here,…
April 7, 2019
ResearchResponding to Needs

Bible Translation Strategy

An Analysis of Its Spiritual Impact
T. Wayne Dye (1985)
People respond to the Gospel in proportion to their conviction that God and his Word are relevant to the concerns of daily life. This will be called the principle of "personal relevance". A translator or local believer can bring this…
October 5, 2015
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Bible in Mission

Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series
Pauline Hoggarth, Fergus Macdonald, Bill Mitchell, Knud Jørgensen (eds.) (2013)
“The Bible is alive – it has hands and grabs hold of me, it has feet and runs after me”. Thus spoke Martin Luther, as cited by Knud Jørgensen in a quotation that summarizes the deeper meaning of this book.…
June 17, 2014
DevelopmentResponding to Needs

Kande’s Story

How a community can love and care for people affected by AIDS
Learner's Book and Facilitator's Manual A story-based, Biblical approach to AIDS prevention and care Worldwide there are nearly 33 million people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Many of those do not know they are infected with HIV…
July 12, 2012