Philippines - Scripture Engagement

Visual Arts

Making Scripture Attractive

Betty Green (2010)
"We make posters, bookmarks - laminated and non-laminated, bookmark kits for groups to make their own bookmarks, refrigerator magnets, note pads, stickers..." The Inakeanon People of the Philippines are seeing God’s Word in colorful attractive posters, bookmarks, key chains, greeting…
December 10, 2010

Worldview Scripture Use Workshop

Glenn Stallsmith (2003)
The changes necessary for worldview transformation can only be undertaken in culturally appropriate ways if the Christian community itself is in charge of the change process. This article reports on a Worldview Scripture Use Workshop held in the Philippines which…
December 22, 2008
AudioBible Study

Bible Study Cassettes

A tool which churches perceive to be of value in furthering their goals
Keith Benn (1984)
What excites us most is that people who have never before led a Bible study are now having regular studies in their homes. This article relates how Bible study cassettes on Genesis 1-11 and James have had a big impact…
October 17, 2008