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Bible Backgrounds

Video Templates from SIL International Media Services
Beautiful photographs of Holy Land scenery and aspects of lifestyle and customs of Bible times. Templates contain photos, music, and scripts allowing the translator to produce a video in their own language. Bible Backgrounds is a resource tool based on…
October 5, 2019
Understanding ScriptureVisual Arts was founded by Dr. Todd Bolen in 2001 to provide photographic resources for the study and teaching of the biblical world. Todd lived and taught at the Israel Bible Extension near Jerusalem for many years. More than 40 other…
October 5, 2018
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The Bible Course

An 8-session course helping you explore the world's bestseller
From the Bible Society: "Accessible and interactive, it will enhance and inform your ongoing Bible study, whether you are new to the Bible or want to go deeper. Using a unique storyline, the course shows how the key events, books…
April 10, 2018
Understanding Scripture

Reading the Word of God in the Presence of God

A Handbook for Biblical Interpretation
Vern S. Poythress (2016)
Every time we read the Bible, we’re reading in the presence of God. How should this incredible truth shape how we read? Moving quickly from principle to practice, Vern Poythress helps us rethink how we interpret the Bible by showing…
October 13, 2017
Understanding Scripture


Phil Collins (2014)
Stories are important! We all tell stories to express ourselves to others and learn what it means to be human. The Bible is full of stories—God uses stories to reveal himself to us. But sometimes, it's not clear how all…
October 7, 2016
Film and VideoUnderstanding Scripture

Parables of Jesus

Parables of Jesus is a one-hour video which includes seven parables of Jesus. This video, produced by International Media Ministries, has been developed into a single narration format for dubbing. Each story helps the viewer understand the customs and culture…
October 5, 2016
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Dig Deeper

Tools for Understanding God's Word
Nigel Beynon, Andrew Sach (2010)
When it comes to reading and understanding the Bible, a dangerous phrase is used by non-Christians and even some believers: "Well, that's your interpretation." It is true that without some care in your interpretation, you can "make" the Bible say…
October 12, 2015