Bible Backgrounds
Video Templates from SIL International Media Services

Beautiful photographs of Holy Land scenery and aspects of lifestyle and customs of Bible times. Templates contain photos, music, and scripts allowing the translator to produce a video in their own language.

Bible Backgrounds is a resource tool based on the United Bible Societies’ DVD series, Bible Lands as Classroom. IMS has condensed the UBS script and rewritten some parts into easier to translate English. Each template focuses on a particular topic and includes images for each block of script.

Topics include: Agriculture, Topography and Climate, Travel in Bible Times, Clothing, Eating Customs, Fishing, Water Sources, The Tabernacle.

Translators can use the topics for discussion and as a help in the translation process; church leaders can use the topics for understanding certain passages and stories. Small groups can use the topics to clarify misconceptions and generate further discussion of sections of the Bible they are listening to or studying. The consultant checked scripts can be translated into a language of wider communication and then into local languages in the area. Once translated, the dubbing and recording process is easy using the Photo Story 3 template which is provided along with a sample recording in English and a visual tutorial.

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