CanIL Scripture Engagement Training

The Canada Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) offers a Scripture Engagement training track with courses accepted by SIL and Wycliffe Bible Translators as preparation for cross-cultural service.

In 2024, the SE course will be taught in the summer: either in person or on Zoom: June 10 to August 9.

As a Scripture engagement worker, you assist Christian communities to strengthen the use of the local language by integrating Scripture into the local arts and culture, daily life and practice. You partner with local churches and community leaders to develop strategies for Scripture engagement, contextualizing its meaning through a variety of means including ethnomusicology, Bible storying, audio products, etc.

The Scripture Engagement course itself is a 3-credit hour course. This course can be taken as a part of the training track or independently.

This Scripture Engagement Training Track is a 2-semester, 7-course program. It can be taken at graduate or undergraduate level. The courses in the Scripture Engagement Training Track are: Language and Society, Phonetics, Scripture Engagement, Language and Culture Acquisition, Ethnography, Language Program Design and Management and Christian Missions.

You may see the Scripture Engagement Training Track program description and courses here. These correspond to the SIL required course set.

For more information, please email the Scripture Engagement instructor Michelle Petersen, and the CanIL Admissions Team.

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