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That Reminds Me of a Story

Podcast exploring emerging trends in orality and the communication of the gospel
That Reminds Me of a Story is a new podcast, hosted by Don Barger and Grant Lovejoy, exploring emerging trends in orality and the communication of the gospel. It answers common questions about the orality movement. The goal of the…
January 10, 2022
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God’s Big Story

God’s Big Story helps primary-age children learn Bible stories and uncover the underlying message of redemption and restoration, even if they can’t read or write. This fun program consists of a series of illustrated cards, along with a parent’s/teacher’s guide…
November 2, 2019
Bible StorytellingVisual Arts


Simple henna patterns designed to share stories of faith
You will find a variety of simple henna designs that illustrate a variety of Bible stories and Scripture passages that highlight God's deep and abiding love for women in a way that is clear, simple and easy to replicate. You…
October 7, 2019
Bible Storytelling

Storyweavers Global

Storyweaving is natural, simple, relational and anyone can use it - anywhere. Storyweavers Global gives training on how to weave Bible stories into natural conversation, starting with "your story", then moving to "God's story" (a story from the Bible). Having…
January 28, 2019
Bible StorytellingChildren


A Program of Kids Around the World
KIDStory relies on Jesus’ method of teaching through telling stories combined with interactive experiences and meaningful discussions. These skills are culturally universal and fun to learn and share with others. This makes KIDStory accessible and easily reproducible (for partners) both…
October 7, 2018
Bible StorytellingFilm and VideoOrality

Building Bridges to Oral Cultures

Journeys among the Least-Reached
Carla Bowman, Jim Bowman (2017)
Building Bridges to Oral Cultures narrates with chronological and adventurous detail, an extraordinary journey that began for Jim and Carla Bowman in the early 80s with a passion to share the Good News with a handful of the least-reached, indigenous…
October 7, 2018
Bible StorytellingChildren

Open the Book

Bible Storytelling in Primary Schools
"Today, so many children could miss out on the great classic stories from the Bible – Noah, Daniel and the life of Jesus could be closed chapters if youngsters don’t get an opportunity to engage with the Bible." Open the…
October 27, 2016
Bible StorytellingUnderstanding Scripture

Bible Overview Workshop

An interactive journey through the Old Testament
Jennifer Wright (2014)
In this detailed 17-page workshop guide from the Ndop region of North West Cameroon, Jennifer Wright describes how participants were taken on an interactive journey through the Old Testament: What? The Bible Overview Workshop is a two day workshop for…
August 27, 2014