Translating the Bible into Media
Translating the Bible into Media
Author: Andreas Ernst
Publisher: SIL International, Global Publishing (2023)

Multimedia and technology has become increasingly important in reaching ministry audiences worldwide. Many ministry organizations emphasize the creation and dissemination of polished audiovisual products, but often without considering if the products fit the needs and media habits of the target audience. In this book, Ernst examines the strategic implications and advantages of a variety of media platforms while inspiring the media creator to consider the needs, learning styles and communication preferences of the audience.

Translating the Bible into Media is practical and well researched. It is written in plain English with practical examples drawn from real-life, field research. Scripture engagement workers, media specialists, and those working in low-resource settings will find it a treasure-trove of helpful ideas and recommendations.

Andreas Ernst is a media and Scripture engagement consultant and SIL’s International Media Services’ Director of Training and Equipping. He studied contextualized theology at Redcliffe College and earned an MA in Literacy Program Development from Gloucestershire University in the United Kingdom.

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