State of the Bible 2024
State of the Bible USA 2024
Publisher: American Bible Society (2024)

In 2024, fewer Americans than ever are engaging with the Bible, but there’s reason for hope. We see a growing interest God’s Word among our youngest generation and curiosity in the Movable Middle.

What’s the State of the Bible in 2024? For 14 years, American Bible Society has reported on the State of the Bible by investigating Americans’ relationship with God, faith, and the Bible. In this year’s report, they highlight some key trends and explore important questions like:

  • How do people choose to incorporate the Bible into their daily lives?
  • Does the Bible shape their daily decisions? In what ways?
  • How does spiritual health impact levels of stress and hope?
  • Has our approach to the Bible changed after the pandemic? If so, how?
  • What aspects of church culture cause people to feel welcome? What aspects cause people to leave?
  • How has the proportion of in-person and online church attendance changed?
  • What do people think about artificial intelligence?

Adult Bible Users

Scripture Engagement

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