Institut Chrétien de Formation en Médias pour l'Afrique Francophone
The vision of the mediAfrique school is to equip French-speaking Christians to become media missionaries, capable of effectively communicating the Gospel in order to make disciples of Christ. It is created to be a tool for the Church in Francophone…
October 6, 2019

SonSet Radio

Fixed-tuned, solar-powered radio from SonSet Solutions
The SonSet Radio is a portable, solar-powered radio receiver that can have up to 9 frequencies (AM, FM or SW) programmed into its memory. It is light enough to carry around your neck, using the lanyard which also serves as…
October 7, 2018

Scripture Relevance Dramas

EthnoDoxology Volume 4, No. 4 (2010): 22-31
Michelle Petersen (2010)
Scripture Relevance Drama is a tool for facilitating use of translated Scripture and developing minority languages. Indigenous authors and vocal actors dramatize local life situations as contexts for characters telling topical Bible stories. Other plays explore community development and health…
February 7, 2014
AudioFilm and VideoRadio

Media in Church and Mission

Communicating the Gospel
Viggo Søgaard (1993)
Pilot programs have clearly shown that extensive word and concept explanations are often needed if a non-Christian is to understand the written text as read on a cassette. The explanations will need to be provided in a format that is…
August 22, 2009

Galcom International

Galcom provides durable technical equipment for communicating the Gospel worldwide. Main areas of ministry include: 1. Radios and audio Bibles Galcom provides solar-powered radios and audio players. Even for missions that are not engaged in radio broadcasting, distributing solar-powered, fix-tuned…
October 22, 2008