EMDC Online
An Interactive Online Experience

EMDC Online provides presentations and online training courses on a wide range of topics related to Scripture Engagement and media. New presentations are scheduled every few days, where you can participate and ask questions. This includes:

  • Advice on making good audio recordings
  • Building and using apps for Scripture Engagement
  • Creating language-specific websites
  • Video and film-making, script-writing
  • Orality strategies and methods of oral Bible storytelling
  • Culture meets Scripture
  • Digital distribution and promotion
  • Artificial Intelligence and chatbots

Longer training courses are also available, such as “Wise and Fruitful: Factors that help or hinder the impact of Scripture in communities” – a course on Scripture Engagement strategy and practice.

You will find details on the EMDC Online website as to how to enroll. Most presentations are in English, with some being given in French and Spanish.

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