PTXprint – Bible Layout For Everyone
Rapidly create Scripture PDFs for quality trial publications

PTXprint is a stand-alone program which allows you to create high quality PDFs for trial publications of Scripture. It has a multitude of easily configurable options allowing a whole range of outputs. The interface is user-friendly, enabling anyone to produce Scripture for testing within their local context.

How can it help me? Use it to try out different layouts, text sizes, verse numbering systems, etc. to find out what the community likes so that the final professionally typeset product will be something that the community loves. Use it for checking the impact of adding illustrations. Use it to produce diglots with the national language alongside the vernacular.

You have complete control! Just about everything you can think of, from Page Size to Column Settings, Font Sizes to Line Spacing; from Picture Positioning to Paragraph Adjustments; Fancy Intro Outlines to Table of Contents for multi-book PDFs. All these features and dozens more can easily be enabled or disabled as needed, and settings adjusted to meet your specific requirements. The resulting PDF is regenerated within seconds. An entire New Testament takes less than a minute!

PTXprint is primarily aimed at field-based translators who need to be able to produce decent printouts for local use and is not intended to replace typesetters who use more sophisticated tools with greater control over the end product.

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