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Bloom Bible Story Books

Let's Grow a Library
Bloom makes it easy to create simple books and translate them into multiple languages. Bloom makes it possible for many people to be involved in building a large collection of local language books. It was designed with new computer users…
April 21, 2021
Bible TranslationDigital

PTXprint – Bible Layout For Everyone

Rapidly create Scripture PDFs for quality trial publications
PTXprint is a stand-alone program which allows you to create high quality PDFs for trial publications of Scripture. It has a multitude of easily configurable options allowing a whole range of outputs. The interface is user-friendly, enabling anyone to produce…
January 11, 2021
AppsDigitalMarketing and Distribution

Scripture App Builder

Create customized mobile apps with synchronized Scripture text and audio
Not one app, but a user-friendly tool to build your apps! Bible translation organisations are using Scripture App Builder to make the Bible available as Android and iOS apps in languages around the world. Scripture App Builder helps you to…
September 22, 2020
AppsDigitalFilm and Video

Story Producer App

"Publish early, publish small, publish often - this is exactly what Story Producer empowers local communities to do!" Story Producer (SP app) is an offline workflow management tool for local language speakers to translate and produce their own local language…
November 26, 2019


Producing scripts for dramatized audio recordings of Scripture
"This software is reducing the amount of time it takes for us to script a language from 4 days down to 4 hours – all the while increasing accuracy for recording teams worldwide." - Jonathan Huguenin, Faith Comes by Hearing…
September 27, 2019