Culture meets Scripture – Online Course

How do we live in a way that honours God while still being culturally meaningful?
How do we use Scripture to both evaluate cultural practices and to discern what to do?
When cultural practices and values clash with obedience to God, what do we do?
When pressures from family/community require us to behave in an ungodly way or participate in certain ceremonies, what choices do we make?
How can we make choices that align with Scripture—especially when the costs are great and when cultural beliefs are powerfully ingrained? Can we do this while still being culturally relevant?

This 8 week Culture meets Scripture training programme aims to equip participants with a way to dig deeper into cultural practices, aligning them with Scripture in order to make choices that honour God.

The course runs from 16 February to 6 April 2022. It involves approximately 2 hours of content (reading/videos), 2 hours of discussion (Wednesdays), and 2-3 hours of assignments each week.

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