EMDC Online: Scripture Engagement Courses
Scripture Engagement: Planning for the Journey

A three part series (3 sets of 10 one hour sessions) based around Wayne Dye’s Eight Conditions for Scripture Engagement will be hosted on EMDC.online. Continuing to build and expand on long established insights about how people engage with Scripture – and why sometimes they don’t – this three part series of courses looks in depth at how to understand and strengthen eight conditions that are necessary for communities to be transformed by Scripture. Each one hour class will have 20 minutes of discussion.

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Riding The Wave: The Nature And Larger Context Of Scripture Engagement
(Feb 1 – Mar 3, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3 PM UTC)

Are you wondering how you can do Scripture Engagement in your context? It’s not enough to translate the Bible. It’s not even enough to distribute the Bible. Our desire is to see real Scripture Engagement: people encountering God’s Word in life-changing ways. Bible translation is about more than understanding language. It’s about understanding people.

In this introductory module, we learn about the development of the Eight Conditions model and focus on important aspects of both language and partnerships.

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Audience Worldview & The Bible: Tailor Your SE Activities To The Environment/ Needs Of Your Audience
(Mar 15 – Apr 14, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3 PM UTC)

What special considerations are there in the perceptions of your audience that either help or hinder their desire to interact with Scripture? How do we avoid “making it difficult for those who are turning to God”? Sometimes we have audiences looking for the Scriptures, and sometimes we have Scripture looking for an audience. People do not always recognise that Scripture offers answers to some of their deepest needs. In some contexts there is not adequate freedom to commit to Christ, especially where it is seen as adopting a Western religion.

In this course, participants will explore principles of Spiritual Hunger and Freedom to Commit to Christ, whether or not Christianity is the dominant religion.

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Your Part In SE: Design Materials and Activities that Encourage People to Interact with Scripture
(26 Apr – 26 May, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2-3 PM UTC)

We know that God’s Word is relevant to all people, but how can the people we work with see Scripture’s relevance for them? Our goals are that Scripture is presented in interesting, understandable ways, and that it spreads widely. In this course, we look at what we can do to create acceptable translations, accessible forms, address gaps or misunderstandings in background knowledge, and make it available in a variety of ways. We want to make it easier for people to want Scripture, get it, and continue to use it. We want to ensure that pathways to meaningful interaction with Scripture, not just products, are made available. Participants will discuss ways to make materials and carry out activities that encourage people to use the Bible, including working with leaders to make times and ways for groups of people to use Scripture together and transform community life.

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