Trauma in America
Trauma in America
Understanding how people face hardships and how the church offers hope
Publisher: American Bible Society (2020)

How can the Bible and the church heal the wounds of trauma?

Millions of people in the United States contend with poverty, the effects of disease, and natural disaster. Many suffer in silence from domestic violence, emotional abuse, and the fallout of addiction. Every part of their lives is affected—physical, emotional, relational, spiritual. They long for healing, joy, comfort. But they often don’t know where to turn.

Trauma affects every part of a person: mind, body and spirit. American Bible Society has found that churches have a special opportunity and responsibility to help people heal from the spiritual and emotional wounds of trauma.

Chapters in ‘Trauma in America’ include:

  • Incidence of Trauma
  • Coping with Trauma
  • What Churches Can Do
  • Deepening Faith During Trauma
  • Pastors’ Preparation for Trauma
  • Walking Through Trauma with the Scriptures

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