Trauma Healing Institute

We are a global collaboration of ministries dedicated to helping people around the world heal from the pain of trauma.

The THI Method
Our method is simple. It brings a group of people together in a safe place, where they can help each other heal. It is a holistic and Bible-based approach to helping people heal from trauma that recognizes that trauma affects every part of a person: mind, body and spirit. The lessons use art, stories, activities and questions to help people engage deeply with themselves, with God, and with each other.

At the heart of the method is a book
At the heart of the method is a book called Healing the Wounds of Trauma, which contains a set of practical lessons that lead people on a journey of healing. At the heart of the book is the Bible, which tells us about the love of God. The book and supporting materials are available in over 150 languages, and new translations are being added all the time.

Proven mental health practices and the wisdom of the Bible
It’s designed for anyone to use, with simple language and clear ideas that are easy to understand. It works in small groups, led by trained facilitators who don’t need to be professional counselors. THI trains and equips people and organizations to put this method into practice themselves, in their own work and ministry.

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