Strength from Weakness
Strength from Weakness
Growing through Suffering
Author: Harriet Hill
Publisher: Trauma Healing Institute (2021)

This book is the second in a series, intended to be used after the first book, Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help.

The first book helps people heal from trauma and loss using biblical and mental health principles. This second book, Strength from Weakness, helps people grow through their suffering and become more resilient so they are better prepared to face suffering in the future. It helps them explore more layers of their trauma and pain, and experience deeper layers of healing. It helps them gain skills to connect with others in healthier ways so that the underlying causes of trauma are addressed, and a strong, vibrant community is (re-)established. Finally, it helps people find and fulfill their purpose in life. This may include advocating for justice for those who are suffering from oppression. All these things work together to increase resilience.

Here is an introduction from Dr Phil Monroe, the director of the Trauma Healing Institute.

Lesson 1. Wrestling with God
Lesson 2. Good and evil
Lesson 3. Generational trauma and blessing
Lesson 4. Shame and guilt
Lesson 5. Using our feelings for good
Lesson 6. Difficult conversations
Lesson 7. Pursuing reconciliation
Lesson 8. Fulfilling your purpose in life
Lesson 9. Advocating for justice

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