Culture meets Scripture
Culture meets Scripture
Making culturally meaningful choices that honor God

This dynamically relevant workshop is built on an important cultural event which creates inner turmoil and struggle for believers. Birth, death, and marriage, for instance, may require a number of rituals that conflict with Scripture.

Workshop features:

  • Christian community leaders are invited to bring cultural issues that cause crisis for a meeting with Scripture.
  • Participants verbalize what’s traditionally done in their places, describing the cultural requirements and expectations of the extended family in the event.
  • The reasons underlying those cultural practices and also the consequences of not performing those practices are central to the impact of the workshop.
  • Participants uncover underlying assumptions and emotions that bring pressure from both their social and their spirit-world networks.
  • Understanding how these pressures compel decisions that often conflict with their relatively new faith.
  • The reasons and consequences, along with the pressures of relational networks, are then taken to Scripture.
  • Advanced planning by the community-of-believers toward a revised response to the event that is both culturally meaningful and in alignment with Scripture.
  • Encourages believers to build an intentional strong community of support in order to implement their modified practices.
  • Equips participants to take this process back to their home areas and share it with others.

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