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Translating the Bible into Action

How the Bible can be Relevant in all Languages and Cultures
Margaret Hill, Harriet Hill (2022)
Second Edition (2022) When Jesus was born to Mary, God “translated” himself into our human world. This act of God’s translation continues today wherever the gospel is expressed, in each language and lived out in each culture that makes up…
June 18, 2022
Culture meets ScriptureCulture

Culture meets Scripture

Making culturally meaningful choices that honor God
This dynamically relevant workshop is built on an important cultural event which creates inner turmoil and struggle for believers. Birth, death, and marriage, for instance, may require a number of rituals that conflict with Scripture. Workshop features: Christian community leaders…
October 2, 2018

Gospel and Marriage Workshop

Marriage and culture in West Africa in the light of the Scriptures
Michael Jemphrey (2015)
Michael Jemphrey describes a recent Gospel and Marriage workshop held in West Africa. It brought together the domains of Scripture engagement and anthropology, demonstrating the relevance of the translated Scriptures in addressing local cultural issues. The workshop included: Discussion of…
January 6, 2015
Leadership Training

Are Workshops Useful?

Margaret Hill (2011)
"It has been proved over and over again that people do not learn by sitting and listening to long lectures! The more the participants are involved in the learning process, the more they will remember. As much as possible, help…
April 26, 2011