Évangile et Culture
Jalons de réconciliation
Author: Zacharie Manyim M.
Publisher: Editions ADG, Yaoundé (2017)

“I welcome the publication of this book in an Africa where the arrival of the Good News had essentially been bad news for our cultural realities. Zac invites us to examine our cultures in the light of the Gospel, in order to make possible an effective appropriation of the Christian message, in a profound way, in time and over time. I therefore encourage all of us to make judicious use of this study manual so that the Gospel takes root in our hearts and in our countries of Africa. (Dr Michel Kenmogne)”

Written in French, this is a practical manual to faciliate discussions in Gospel and Culture. Zac Manyim is a Scripture Engagement consultant with CABTAL (Cameroonian Association for the Translation of the Bible and Literacy).

Book contents:

Part 1
Gospel and culture
Culture and the Gospel

Part 2: Understanding cultural realities
How to identify cultural practices
Study of a cultural practice in the Philippines
Biblical study on a cultural practice among the Rekabites
Introductions to traditional religions
Sketch for identifying invisible powers
Cultural differences and pŕejugés
Some considerations about ancestors

Part 3: Case studies and analyses of cultural practices
Study of two practices around birth
Study of four marriage situations
In search of protection
Study of three cases around death
Reflections on a difficult case

Part 4: Some milestones for a harmonious management of gospel and culture
Diagnosis: attitude of the church
Suffering or managing culture shock
A word on contextualisation
Redeeming the arts
Not against flesh and blood

Évangile et Culture is available from the office of CABTAL in Yaoundé, Cameroon. If you would like to order one or more copies from abroad, please write to CABTAL for information on the total price including shipping costs: info_cabtal@cabtal.org.

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