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Lessons from Luke

English and French teacher's guides, coloring pages and big picture books
Chris and Karen Jackson (eds.) (2015)
Lessons from Luke is a 52-lesson curriculum for children, based on the Gospel of Luke and developed in the North West region of Cameroon. It aims to provide an easy-to-follow series of lessons that are culturally appropriate and make use…
November 22, 2019

Évangile et Culture

Jalons de réconciliation
Zacharie Manyim M. (2017)
"I welcome the publication of this book in an Africa where the arrival of the Good News had essentially been bad news for our cultural realities. Zac invites us to examine our cultures in the light of the Gospel, in…
October 7, 2018

Impact Assessment Report

Results of a study, surveying nearly 5,500 people in Burkina Faso and Cameroon
Béatrice Konfe-Tiendrebeogo (ANTBA, Burkina Faso), Julious Ngum Kimbung (CABTAL, Cameroon), Martin Engeler (OneBook, Canada) (2014)
This study was undertaken by a small team of Africans and Canadians to measure the impacts of translated Scriptures, literacy and Scripture engagement programs on marginalized minority language communities, to discern whether certain hypotheses are true and to better understand…
May 12, 2016
Language IssuesResearch

Promoting the Use of the Scriptures in Nso’

A Strategy for Promoting the Use of the Vernacular Scriptures in the Cameroon Baptist Convention Churches in Nso’ Tribe, Cameroon
Shey Samuel Ngeh (2015)
MTh thesis, South African Theological Seminary. Abstract: This research was prompted by the observation that there is minimal use of Lamnso’ Scriptures in Baptist churches in Nso’, even though the Lamnso’ New Testament has been available since 1990. It was…
November 16, 2015
Bible StorytellingUnderstanding Scripture

Bible Overview Workshop

An interactive journey through the Old Testament
Jennifer Wright (2014)
In this detailed 17-page workshop guide from the Ndop region of North West Cameroon, Jennifer Wright describes how participants were taken on an interactive journey through the Old Testament: What? The Bible Overview Workshop is a two day workshop for…
August 27, 2014

SIL i-DELTA Scripture Engagement and Media Training

Links: Anglophone i-DELTA, Uganda Francophone i-DELTA, Cameroon i-DELTA is the Institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa. It provides undergraduate level education and practical training in the areas of Bible translation, Scripture engagement (including trauma healing), media,…
October 28, 2009

CABTAL Church Relations Initiatives

It is important for all of the local churches to be increasingly implicated in the translation project for the following reasons: It ensures that the translated Scriptures will be used after the New Testament’s publication, so that there will be…
September 13, 2009