SIL International Media Services Training

SIL International Media Services offers a selection of core and specialized training modules to choose from. You can complete any number of training modules to be better equipped for the specific ministry context you are in.

SIL media staff will be required to complete four obligatory core modules (Audio Production, Video Production, The Role of Media in Ministry & Holistic Development, and Facilitating Media). They can then choose an area of specialization for further development as part of a professional (consultant) growth plan. Depending on the area of specialization, other specialized modules will become obligatory, such as App Building, Scripting & Dubbing Biblical Films, Using Social Media Effectively or Participatory Radio Drama.

Experienced media or Scripture Engagement specialists or consultants are welcome to deepen their skills or build new competencies by auditing one or more of the courses. If you take a module out of personal interest (not as part of a growth plan), you will not be required to complete the evaluated assignments.

Please contact with your questions or to set up a meeting.

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