Mobiles, Media, and Ministry: Lessons for Trainers and Learners
Publisher: Mobile Ministry Forum (2019)

The Mobiles, Media & Ministry: Lessons for Learners & Trainers curriculum contains 41 lessons, 360 pages of trainer guide materials, 70 pages of student handouts, and over 1,000 presenter slides.

The lessons are divided into four topic areas:

  1. Foundations: Principles and practices for developing media materials and strategy that lead to follow-up and discipleship.
  2. Mobile Ministry: The mobile phone is the device through which most media ministry efforts will be experienced. These lessons teach the capabilities and limitations mobile technology provides and how to adapt your media ministry efforts.
  3. Social Media: These lessons teach you to connect with people via social media so you expand your reach among almost any people you want to reach.
  4. Do-it-Yourself Media: These lessons teach anyone to create authentic, contextually-relevant media that can reach thousands.

Each lesson can be quickly self-learned or presented in about one hour. They can be used as a self-teaching tool, as a help for sharing “just-in-time” or “as-needed” trainings with a group, as the basis for running regular series of lessons, a media ministry training weekend, etc. with a team, group of believers, etc.

The curriculum is free to use, whether for your own learning or for use in training others. You are free to download, make copies, modify, translate, and even re-brand (with attribution). But please share your translations, changes, etc. with the MMF so others can be blessed too!

See also Mission Media Coach, which has video versions of many of these lessons.

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