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Digital Dialogue

Daring to stay relevant in an era of information overload
Andreas Ernst (2021)
Effective media is not about the right products or numbers, but about the quality of interaction with people. What does this really mean? Andreas Ernst highlights three key principles which can help us assess how engaging our media approaches are.…
April 13, 2021
Bible Reading


From Lifewords
VerseFirst is a community of people exploring the Bible and how it speaks to our everyday experience. We know what you’re thinking – how is this ancient book relevant to our lives now? The people that wrote the Bible never…
January 2, 2020


Institut Chrétien de Formation en Médias pour l'Afrique Francophone
The vision of the mediAfrique school is to equip French-speaking Christians to become media missionaries, capable of effectively communicating the Gospel in order to make disciples of Christ. It is created to be a tool for the Church in Francophone…
October 6, 2019
DigitalStrategic PlanningTraining

Mission Media U

Mission Media U is a mentored, online training platform designed to help Christ-followers be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches by using media, story and innovative technology. Mission Media U is offering the following courses: Foundations of Media…
September 28, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution

Facebook Ads for Scripture Promotion

How to leverage the power of Facebook Ads to promote the translated Scriptures and other Scripture media
This is a series of eight training videos, showing you how to use Facebook Ads for Scripture promotion: Introduction and Vision: This video introduces the concept of how Facebook ads can be used to promote the availability of the Scriptures…
May 22, 2019
Film and VideoResponding to Needs

The Global Gospel

Felt Needs Marketing For Finding Spiritually Seeking Individuals
The Global Gospel is an animated video series. Bible stories are chosen to respond to the felt needs of forgiveness, love, acceptance, significance and security. On the website you will find videos, discussion questions, and ideas for ad campaigns. Here,…
April 7, 2019
DigitalMarketing and Distribution

Social Media for Missions

An Introductory Guide
Social media can be a forum for engaging with the Scriptures, as well as being a place for promoting Scripture products and Scripture engagement resources. The Mobile Ministry Forum (MMF) has assembled a guide that takes you through what you…
December 15, 2018
DigitalEvangelismStrategic PlanningTraining

Kingdom Training

Kingdom.Training is an online training hub that equips disciple makers to accelerate movements through effective use of media. There is a focus on media to movements, social media and internet marketing. Courses include: Media to Disciple Making Movements: Strategy Development…
October 5, 2018