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VerseFirst is a community of people exploring the Bible and how it speaks to our everyday experience.

We know what you’re thinking – how is this ancient book relevant to our lives now? The people that wrote the Bible never had to deal with half the stuff we do today. No Facebook drama, no internet, no traffic jams. They’d never have seen a jumbo jet, experienced global warming, or had to worry about cancer, nuclear bombs and the Kardashians…

Sure, but they were people like us all the same. They struggled to understand God, and life, love, joy, pain, all the same big questions. They wrestled with mystery, and had as many questions as answers. We’re not going to tell you how to feel about the Bible – the invitation is always to read and experience the Bible for yourself. There’s no rule to say we have to agree on what it means and how we live it out.

So join in, ask questions, get curious and explore the most famous book ever written and decide for yourself – are these words to live by?

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