Which Audio Media?
Author: Richard Margetts (2020)

Which media do we use for providing access to audio Scriptures?

In the past the answer was easy: it was the audio cassette tape, and perhaps the radio. Today there are so many more choices. This document illustrates the wide range of options:

  • Mobile, web and social media (smartphone apps, MP3 downloads, Facebook, etc.)
  • Broadcast media (radio)
  • Removable media (CDs, memory cards)
  • Digital audio players (MegaVoice Envoy, Proclaimer, Talking Bible, Audibible, Papyrus, Kulumi Mini, etc. and locally available radios and speakers)

The choice we make will depend very much on the local situation and will often include more than one of these options.

As well as the most recent version of this document (2020), earlier versions can also be downloaded here (2008, 2014), so you can compare the changes we have seen over the years.

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