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Which Audio Media?

Richard Margetts (2020)
Which media do we use for providing access to audio Scriptures? In the past the answer was easy: it was the audio cassette tape, and perhaps the radio. Today there are so many more choices. This document illustrates the wide…
January 1, 2020

Which Audio Player?

Listening to the translated Scriptures: a review of today’s digital audio players
Richard Margetts (2019)
Fourth Edition - Revised for 2019 It is not hard to convince those involved in Scripture access and Scripture engagement of the value of listening to audio Scriptures. We want to assist communities in making strategic choices about how best…
November 5, 2019
Marketing and Distribution

Our Bible has Arrived!

Organising a dedication event to celebrate the publication of a New Testament, Bible or other translated books
Richard Margetts (2018)
Second edition, in English and French. "Lord, the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived! What we were longing for, our hands have touched!" How do you celebrate the publication of a Bible book: a Bible, a New Testament or…
October 29, 2018
AudioBible Study

Bible Listening Groups – Training Guide

An interactive workshop for training listening group leaders and promoters
Richard Margetts (2016)
Available in both English and French. The training workshop described in this guide was developed in West Africa and includes input received from around the world. You can use it to train listening group leaders (those who lead/facilitate the groups)…
March 6, 2017
Bible Study

Don’t Ask Me That!

How not to write Bible study questions
Richard Margetts (2015)
As well as teaching the sorts of questions you should ask, it can also be helpful to highlight the sorts of questions you shouldn’t ask, i.e. what kinds of questions or series of questions can be unhelpful or uninteresting? What…
December 3, 2015
ResearchUnderstanding Scripture

From Scripture Access to Scripture Engagement

What facilitates and hinders Scripture engagement in the Minyanka churches of Mali?
Richard Margetts (2013)
MA dissertation: All Nations, UK. Abstract: The coming of the New Testament in 2006 heralded a new era of Scripture engagement for the Minyanka people of Mali. This paper evaluates the factors that have facilitated and hindered the process of…
November 16, 2014

Comment enregistrer à l’ordinateur

Un manuel d’utilisation pour l’éditeur audio numérique Audacity
Fina Linan, Richard Margetts (2014)
This is the updated and expanded 2014 French version of How to do recording on your computer, an in-depth beginner's manual for recording with Audacity. Scripture engagement practitioners across the Francophone world are using Audacity to record Scripture portions, Bible…
March 19, 2014

How to do Recording on your Computer

A Beginner's Guide to Audacity (Third Edition)
Richard Margetts (2012)
Updated for Audacity 2.0 (July 2012). Are you looking to record audio Scripture, radio programmes, Scripture-based songs, Bible study discussions or publicity for Scripture products? One of the most popular programs for recording audio on your computer is Audacity. It…
July 31, 2012
AudioMarketing and Distribution

Audio Players in Use

9 ideas for using digital audio players in Scripture Engagement
Richard Margetts (2011)
"We know that just because someone has a printed Bible doesn’t mean they will use it. After the novelty has worn off, how can we encourage people to go on listening and engaging with God’s Word with their audio player?"…
January 18, 2011