The Word One to One

“The Word One to One helps you introduce your friends to Jesus in His Word by presenting the Bible in an accessible, shareable and easy-to-use format. Designed specifically to be used with those who aren’t yet Christians, it has everything you need to take a friend through John’s gospel – providing you with the passage, helpful notes and talking points along the way.”

The Word One to One was developed in London by a group of people who were being asked questions about God and the Bible by their friends. Over time, they began to see the need for a resource to help people open up God’s Word in an accessible, culturally acceptable and understandable format. The Word One to One was created to address that need.

The Word One to One has everything you need to take a friend through the book of John. Each booklet divides the gospel into accessible, bitesize chunks – called “episodes” – which take 20 – 30 minutes to work through together. Each episode takes a small section of John’s gospel to read through verse-by-verse. The notes accompanying each section contain everything you need to guide you through the gospel of John – including the passage, possible questions and notes which can serve as a framework for your conversation.

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