Facebook Ads for Scripture Promotion

Facebook Ads for Scripture Promotion
How to leverage the power of Facebook Ads to promote the translated Scriptures and other Scripture media

This is a series of eight training videos, showing you how to use Facebook Ads for Scripture promotion:

  1. Introduction and Vision: This video introduces the concept of how Facebook ads can be used to promote the availability of the Scriptures and other Scripture-based resources in different languages. It casts a vision of why you would want to consider doing this and sets the viewer on a path of learning how to do it in seven short videos.
  2. Create a Facebook Page: This video teaches how to Create page tab, Look at the page, How you can designate other administrators and be removed as the page administrators. It also explains the Page Roles section.
  3. Create a video: This video demonstrates how to create a video for your ad. How to use Movie Maker 2012 to create the ad, choosing the Ad background image, and the Ad audio files.
  4. Objective: This video discusses choosing an objective for your ad, including options such as video views, app installs, or traffic.
  5. Location: This video discusses choosing a location for an ad and the minimum audience needed for an ad.
  6. Budget, Schedule and Optimization: This video covers deciding between a daily budget or a lifetime ad budget and setting the amount. It also discusses link clicks vs. impressions.
  7. Creating and Uploading: his video covers uploading video, the title, the headline, the call to action button, and the preview.
  8. Analytics and Evaluation: Taking a look at Impressions, Reach, Clicks, Average Video View, Video views at 100%, Comments, and Shares.
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