Trust the Story
Trust the Story
Author: LaNette Thompson
Publisher: International Centre for Excellence in Leadership (2016)

“God uses stories to change lives. Faithfully told biblical stories cross the barriers of intercultural communication to change the lives of both teller and hearer. Powerful cultural and familial stories shape our lives and help define our values and worldview… Stories have power. Stories change lives. Do you know how to share God’s story, His Word? Are you equipped to share your personal story of how God is working in your life? Trust the story!”

Trust the Story looks at the process of orality and literacy, giving practical ways to share God’s Word through the telling of Bible stories.

Dr LaNette Thompson was one of the pioneers in the use of Bible storying in cross-cultural settings and has more than 30 years of experience in training others to understand orality and nonliterate learners. She and her husband served with the International Mission Board in West Africa.

Trust the Story is available as a paperback and as a Kindle ebook.

Part I: What’s so powerful about stories?
1. Cognitive Schemata
2. Orality and Literacy
3. Intercultural Communication
4. Learning

Part II: Understanding the stories that define us
5. Personal Stories
6. Faith Stories

Part III: Sharing stories with the world
7. God’s Word in our hearts
8. Listening, telling and sharing
9. Creation to Christ and Chronological Bible Storying
10. Evangelism, Discipleship and Church

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