Generation Alpha
Generation Alpha
Initial insights into a new generation
Publisher: OneHope (2023)

Generation Alpha, born between 2010 and 2024, is growing up in a world vastly different from the one most of the older Gen Z kids experienced. While there’s still a lot of research to be done to understand them fully, we can approach this as an opportunity to learn and grow together.

OneHope has gathered research on Gen Alpha that gives us a window into who this generation is and how we, as the Church, can meet their specific needs.

Here is some of the information we know so far:

  • 66% of Gen Alpha started using a tablet before age 5.
  • 46% of 6-11-year-olds have an active social media account.
  • One MIT study says that children find artificial intelligence to be “friendly and trustworthy… smarter than themselves.”
  • According to the most recent American Worldview Inventory, 67% of US parents of pre-teens claim to be Christian, but only 2% actually possess a biblical worldview (measured by their beliefs and behaviors across eight categories of worldview application).
  • OneHope’s research on parents revealed that just 15% of US Christian parents said their most important parenting goal is to pass down to their children the values and faith to guide their lives. This is incredibly low. Focusing in on parents of Gen Alpha specifically, OneHope identified significant gaps in family faith formation. Only half of Christian parents read the Bible with their child and fewer than half regularly pray out loud with their child.

The report is available for download from OneHope’s website.

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