MegaVoice LifeLight
LifeLight Audio Bible Lantern
Solar-powered lantern with a built-in audio Bible player and radio

“The LifeLight provides much-needed light as well as life-giving messages.”

The LifeLight from MegaVoice is a solar-powered lantern, audio Bible player, AM/FM radio, clock, and loud speaker system via an external FM Headset transmitter. It can be used by house church congregations, summer camp workers, disaster relief crews, and missionaries in the most remote areas.

It has 8GB of internal memory and can also play audio from an external microSD card. The title of the currently playing audio file is displayed on an LCD screen and there are multiple navigation levels. The audio playback speed can be modified.

The LifeLight has three different light functions, each with three different levels of brightness for different contexts. It can be used as a lantern to fill a room or tent with light, as a torch/flashlight, or as a discreet personal reading light.

Specifications can be found on the MegaVoice website.

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