State of the Bible USA 2023
State of the Bible USA 2023
Publisher: American Bible Society (2023)

Each year, State of the Bible pursues a rigorous research agenda. We track key metrics year over year, and we look for connections to new horizons in the scientific studies of religion, well-being, and society.

The State of the Bible USA 2023 research report from American Bible Society is now available and can be downloaded as a free eBook.

The chapters will be published over the coming weeks, with the first chapter ‘The Bible in America’ already published and others to follow.

Adult Bible Users

According to the report (page vii), the “evidence suggests three things:

  1. When people engage deeply with the Bible, their lives and relationships are better. In other words, they flourish.
  2. Fewer people in America are engaging with the Bible. Scripture engagement is not rising yet; it continues on a downward trajectory.
  3. There are signs of hope. The Movable Middle has rebounded, and Bible disengagement has fallen in the past year.”
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