Barriers that Prevent us from Encountering the Word

Barriers that Prevent us from Encountering the Word
Common Pitfalls in Reading Scripture
Author: Bob Ekblad, Kris Rocke (2010)

“Our tendency is to “tame” Scripture and make it safe. While we desire to encounter Scripture on its own terms and allow it to speak its liberating word in into our lives, very often we (consciously or unconsciously) work to control it. Because of our fears (real or imagined) we “de-claw” it and domesticate it.”

How can we read Scripture in ways that prevent us from encountering God in his Word? This article describes some common pitfalls: hyper-personalism, domestification, reductionism, isolationism, heroism, moralism and dualism. They are best demonstrated when a group practices reading the Scriptures in ways that make these barriers clear AND when they offer fresh readings that demonstrate alternatives.

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