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Bible Translation

Bible Translation Basics

Communicating Scripture in a Relevant Way
Harriet Hill, Ernst-August Gutt, Margaret Hill, Christoph Unger, Rick Floyd (2011)
Over the past thirty years, scholars have made significant advances in understanding how human communication functions. They have moved from looking for meaning in texts alone to seeing texts as providing clues that lead hearers to discover the speaker’s intended…
August 30, 2011
Bible Translation

From Translation to Effective Communication

Ernst-August Gutt (1988)
Considering now that in Bible translation we are taking the same texts that were written for audiences two thousand or more years ago in a particular corner of the world and presenting them to audiences today, ranging from industrial societies…
March 3, 2009
Bible TranslationCulture

The Bible at Cultural Crossroads

From Translation to Communication
Harriet Hill (2006)
Bible translators have focused their efforts on preparing a text that is clear, natural and accurate, with the expectation that audiences will understand the message if it is in their language. Field research among the Adioukrou of Côte d'Ivoire shows…
October 21, 2008