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Jesus Messiah Picture Book

Willem de Vink
Jesus Messiah is a graphic novel (comic) of the life of Jesus, the Messiah. It was created in 1993 by Willem de Vink, and has been translated into more than 155 languages. As well as printed formats, Jesus Messiah can…
October 6, 2018

Sunday School Curriculum – Mark’s Gospel

In Swahili, English, and translatable into other languages
Katherine O'Donnell (2018)
This is a simple children's Sunday school curriculum, outlining the Bible passage to use, some key teaching and application points and a memory verse for each lesson. It is hoped that a teacher may use this in conjunction with Mark’s…
June 28, 2018
ChildrenFilm and Video

The GodMan

The GodMan film tells the story of Christ’s life for all to understand. First shown in 2005, The GodMan is a computer-animated film that has been translated into more than 78 languages and shown in more than 81 countries. Additionally,…
November 2, 2017
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Bible Engagement Basics

Read, Reflect, Remember, Respond
Lawson Murray (2017)
About the book (from the Bible Engagement Basics web page): Do Christians really know what the Bible is and the difference it can make in their lives? Are Christians being equipped to dynamically connect with God’s Word? Is the Bible…
June 30, 2017

Book of Hope

The Book of Hope is a Scripture book designed to engage and speak to the heartfelt needs of children and youth within various cultures, clearly showing God’s redemptive plan through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. This harmonized version of the…
November 2, 2016
Bible StorytellingChildren

Open the Book

Bible Storytelling in Primary Schools
"Today, so many children could miss out on the great classic stories from the Bible – Noah, Daniel and the life of Jesus could be closed chapters if youngsters don’t get an opportunity to engage with the Bible." Open the…
October 27, 2016
ChildrenTrauma Healing

Healing Children’s Wounds of Trauma

Facilitator's Manual and Children's Book
Harriet Hill, Margaret Hill, Debbie Braaksma, Lyn Westman (2014)
"Even though Joseph had the opportunity and the power to get revenge on his brothers, he chose to forgive them. He even provided for their future rather than return evil for evil. Though it may be very difficult to forgive,…
October 28, 2014

Pass It On – Bible Society Research 2014

Report into Scripture reading habits of parents and children
In 2014, Bible Society in the UK launched Pass It On, a campaign to encourage parents to read, watch or listen to a Bible story with their child. An accompanying Research Report is available for download. Among the findings are:…
February 10, 2014

Bible App for Kids

YouVersion and OneHope have teamed together to develop The Bible App for Kids, "designed specifically to engage children with stories from the Bible". It's available for free download for Android and iOS mobile devices. The app comes with interactive Bible…
November 29, 2013

For the Bible tells me so?

An explorative study of children's critical and theological ability to engage with the Bible, using a contextual Bible study, on the Widow's offering in Mark 12 as a case study
Alice Kathleen Fabian (2012)
Abstract: The flat narratives presented in Children’s Bibles typify the assumption that children are incapable of engaging theologically and critically with the Biblical texts. The manner in which Biblical stories are told to children during their formative years can have…
July 24, 2013