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The Illustrated Bible

Illustrated Bible selections and Bible videos
Keith Neely (2012)
"I realised that no translation was worth anything if my children didn't read it on their own because they wanted to. The burning question for me as a parent was how do I get my children into the word of…
September 14, 2012
ChildrenFilm and Video


Bible stories that come alive for children
Producer: Viña Studios, Sololá, Guatemala, Central America Deditos is a video Bible story series targeting children between the ages of 4 and 14. Considering the challenges faced by children throughout the two‐thirds world, the stories are carefully chosen to reveal…
June 19, 2012

Children, Mission and the Bible: A Global Perspective

Wendy Strachan (2010)
Information is important – it can help children make responsible choices. Entertainment is engaging – it helps the story to come alive. But we cannot be satisfied with these outcomes when the Bible is so clearly about transformation. This Bible…
October 22, 2011
ChildrenTrauma Healing

Helping Traumatised Children

Margaret Hill (2009)
"I think the workshop gave all the kids a way of expressing thoughts and emotions that they had no outlet for before. It helped them know that what they are feeling is normal and that God cares deeply about them."…
November 4, 2010
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Timelining Scripture Workshop

A Bible Engagement Tool designed to assist people to grasp the big picture of Scripture; the story of the King and His Kingdom, and their place in it!
Clayton Fergie (Scripture Union International)
"The pattern of a fundamentally fragmented and disconnected understanding of Scripture still remains a major issue for those within Christendom, in both the majority and minority world." Timelining Scripture is an innovative, yet simple Bible engagement tool that helps people…
October 11, 2010

7Ways BibleMAX

Bible engagement resources for children’s workers everywhere
BibleMAX from Max7 is an excellent collection of free-to-download resources for helping children engage with the Bible. BibleMAX lessons have 4 main sections: Activate (welcome, song, opening activity), Communicate (read the Bible, explore the Bible story), Investigate (discuss, ask questions)…
March 29, 2010

Godly Play

Godly Play is an interactive and imaginative method of presenting Bible stories, parables and lessons about religious traditions, using engaging three-dimensional materials and a variety of creative activities. Through a structured programme of storytelling, reflection and creative expression, it invites…
October 5, 2009
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Scripture Big Books

Promoting Scripture use in difficult environments
Mary Beavon (2001)
“The illustrations captured the imagination of the children.” Mary Beavon describes a Scripture Use activity their team used in an area of Cameroon where churches are small, travel is difficult, and people have little money. They developed Scripture Big Books…
December 5, 2008