Audio-Visuals from Global Recordings
"Good News", "Look, Listen and Live", "The Living Christ"
Publisher: Global Recordings Network

“Good News” is an evangelistic Bible teaching audio-visual. It presents a quick Bible overview from Creation to Christ’s resurrection in 20 pictures, with a further 20 pictures of basic teaching on the Christian Life.

The “Look, Listen and Live” series of 8 audio-visuals gives studies of Old Testament characters, the life of Jesus, and the young Church. There are 24 pictures in each book.

“The Living Christ” series of Bible pictures illustrates the Life of Christ, from Creation to His second coming.

Each of these series are particularly suited to bring the Gospel message and basic Christian teaching to non-literate people. The pictures are clear and brightly coloured to attract those who may not be used to visual teaching presentations.

The GRN Bible Picture Pack contains all the pictures from the “Good News”, “Look, Listen & Live” and “The Living Christ” picture series. There are a total of nearly 300 different Bible pictures.

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