Bible Gateway Scripture Engagement

Bible Gateway Scripture Engagement
From Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement

So what is Scripture engagement? It is a way of hearing and reading the Bible with an awareness that it is in the Scriptures that we primarily meet God. It is a marinating, mulling over, reflecting, dwelling on, pondering of the Scriptures, resulting in a “transformative engagement” with God.

Bible Gateway, the popular Bible website, now has a section on Scripture Engagement, created in partnership with the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement.

Here you’ll find a set of practical exercises and activities you can undertake to interact more meaningfully with the Bible. Introductory articles include ‘What is Scripture Engagement?’ and ‘An Overview of Scripture Engagement Practices’.

Topics include: Lexio Divina, praying Scripture, memorizing Scripture, singing Scripture, journaling Scripture, hand copying Scripture, Scripture engagement through visual art, storying Scripture, speaking Scripture, manuscript Bible study and public reading of Scripture. Each topic has practice tips as well as links to helpful resources.

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